10 Hardware Trends in 2021

Should we really think about emerging trends and innovations at this moment with all that happened in 2020? Hardware Trends is resilient and versatile, and innovation has already been used in history to face and resolve challenges. Our lives have changed rapidly, but with the aid of technology, we have also discovered that our jobs, communication, and daily routines can be drastically improved. Here, we’d like to reflect on 10 developments in hardware that have the potential to make a difference in 2021.

Invasion of Notebooks
The output of laptops already has a very steady and optimistic tendency for years, so more growth in 2021 should come naturally. In addition, the growing demand for equipment suitable for remote communication can be anticipated, as many individuals already operate from home. Over the last decade, with frequent annual new hardware offers, many PC companies have been steadily moving in this direction. Laptops, essential for work, schooling, connectivity, and entertainment, would become unreplaceable mobile devices. The latest generation of laptops will likely have more choices, improved performance, and efficiency as the preferences and needs of users shift, such as longer battery life, better camera, and microphone or lighter weight.

Additional components to the hardware
Laptops are not the only required hardware for certain users. A higher demand from a certain community of professionals could be faced by other devices suitable for conference meetings or large project innovations Hardware Trends . These additional components that can be used with computers, such as microphones and webcams, routers, docks, or large displays, would possibly also have their moment in 2021.

Novelties from Intel
Intel did not, as planned, announce anything that was prepared by its team for 2021. Nevertheless, we should expect new CPU and GPU products and improvements based on a few hints. Three processors have already been announced by Intel for various user groups: Tiger Lake vPro for laptops, Ice Lake for servers, and Rocket Lake for desktops. Intel fans are hoping that new GPU servers and desktops will see the light of day early next year, probably, because Intel has already begun with GPU devices.

New AMD Reveals
A few new products have been produced by the popular chipmaker AMD. According to the latest reports, the brand new product Ryzen 5000, a desktop CPU based on Zen 3 architecture, along with the third-generation EPYC server processors, will be just the first of its kind, launched in 2021. After the 2020 announcement regarding the RDNA 2 GPU architecture for Radeon graphics cards and CDNA architecture-based Instinct server GPUs, it looks like AMD’s 2021 strategy is to go big and heavy Hardware Trends .

NVIDIA graphics cards
Following the impressive performance of 4 different GeForce RTX 30 card versions, many users have high hopes for the next year from NVIDIA. Some forecasts suggest that RTX 3060 and RTX 3080 Ti cards will probably also be published by the company. With the extremely high demand for their products, that occurred within the last few months, the only question that remains is can NVIDIA produce large quantities.

Connectivity with high-speed
It’s just a matter of minutes before we see new models of phones with 5G support after the introduction of Apple’s 5G iPhones. From there, the tablet and laptop manufacturers will most likely follow the flow. We will hopefully reap the benefits of this new, improved form of connectivity in 2021.

Headsets in Virtual Reality (VR)
In 2021, with latest versions of wireless headphones for both PCs and consoles, VR technology will be a few steps closer to the mainstream. At the same time, Augmented Reality (AR) is following this trend and has some new business-oriented alternatives up its sleeve already.

Coverage for 5G
The 5G network and its features reflect the world’s future for Verizon. It would hardly be a surprise if the company announces further expansion of this network. Verizon does not seem to stop there, however, as the company has already discussed the infinite possibilities and advantages of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and 5G network combining on many occasions.

quickly find its application, for example with sensors for elevated body temperature or mask compliance detection, in the safety and health industry, among others.

Samsung’s Latest Versions
In January 2021, the next premium Galaxy S series phone will be announced. It seems, however, that this launch could theoretically be used by the company as an opportunity to reveal the next foldable version called Galaxy Z.

It’s almost fair to say that new hardware patterns will be motivated and accelerated by the ongoing situation. The increased demand for innovative solutions is forcing businesses and inventors to come up with new goods. Judging from these 10 points, it’s a work in progress already

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