5 Vital Security Tips for Your E-commerce Store

No matter what kind of internet user you are, from someone who occasionally only checks the weather to a digital genius, there are plenty of risks to you every time you jump online.

That’s why there are loads of simple security tips out there for optimum Internet protection: don’t send anyone personal details, don’t open any suspicious emails, be careful what you download, use a VPN, and make sure you ‘re using your credit card only on trustworthy websites.

There are also more security measures that need to be taken for those who make their whole company online to secure your company and web site. Top protection is a must for the ecommerce businesses. Not only for you and your company but also for your customers’ protection and privacy.

You have gone a lot through to set up a successful company. It’s tough to Finding a great domain name and build a trusted brand, so once you do that you have to do whatever you can to keep it safe.

Using Payment Gateway Security

As an ecommerce platform, you want your customers to make it as simple and seamless as possible. Part of this is speeding up the process by storing in your database their payment records.

Even though it may take a few extra moments to process and confirm payment information, if that database is compromised, having stored it on your database may be a security risk. In the past few years, fraud has fallen, but it is still a big problem.

Think of how many big name companies faced litigation and PR hits when their knowledge was compromised. You don’t have a Goal or Amazon clout, so you might just as well be saying adios to your business.

Look Out For Phishing and Spoofing

When you’re buying your territory, you ‘re basically the land king. Even though you do not sit on a giant throne with a stunning crown and scepter, the keys to your kingdom are still kept.

That said, those who want to steal information, or take over your territory, will come to you. They will not attack your walls with catapults or hacks but they will come to you as a noble duke offering help.

It will normally be in an email asking you to change your password or identification number. It could look like a “we asked you to reset your password, please click on this link below.”

If you do not recall asking for this, don’t click on it. Although the email itself may look harmless, it can have the ability to compromise your account and domain.

In the event that your consumers receive such emails, be sure to send notifications with your company only to open emails from the X address.

Two-Factor Authentication

Of a variety of factors, many of the applications and websites are turning to two-factor authentication. Only, because it’s easier than typing out your long password of 10 digits. Two, as that is much easier and practically ensures you will be when you sign in.

That could be something that you and your customers can use for themselves. Linking your account to your phone number or a secondary email address is the simplest way. That way you can use your second device or email address to easily access your information if you are locked out of one account.

Google recently announced that 100 per cent of automated bot hacks were blocked by their two-factor authentication program. Not terrible! Non evil! The great thing about this chip is that it is backward compatible with the chipset series mainly 300 and 400 AMD. All that takes is a simple setup of the BIOS, and everything is set.

Make the Switch to HTTPS

When it came to security protocols, HTTP used to be the standard but having an outdated HTTP made you more likely to be targeted.

Upon searching the internet you may have seen this HTTPS on different websites. Some browsers will bring up a huge warning sign, making sure that if you head to a website that still uses HTTP you really want to go ahead. For example , Google Chrome makes it fairly difficult even to continue with the said website.

That is also why going with a managed domain name is another great idea. As well as having lots of help along the way, they are expected to be healthier. Leave it to the experts, rather than trying to figure it out yourself.

Furthermore, getting HTTPS doesn’t go unnoticed by search results from Google. Using the HTTPS protocol ensures that you will be listed higher, because it demonstrates that you are a trustworthy site with good protection.

Back Up Everything

“Wow, that will never happen to me!” is what everybody says before their data does something and they lose everything. It’s irritating, distracting, and sad when it’s the data and photos from your camera. If it’s your business it can be debilitating.

Data loss typically happens in the process of a hardware failure, cyber-attack or even a freak incident like a power surge. Although it may be a little expensive to back up all your records, it’s well worth it.

Invest is a service that conveniently backs up your data so you won’t have to think every week about doing it yourself.

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