5 Websites You Should Consult Before Moving

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time, it’s never fun to move. Sure, you may be excited to settle in a new home and start a new part of your life, but the actual process of packing your whole life into boxes and transferring it across the city (or country) can only be described as stressful.

But it’s not supposed to be. The right set of websites can help you every step of the way, from finding a new place to live to making sure that in those hard-to-reach cupboards you don’t forget anything.


Livability.com is the place to go if you’re searching for a fresh place to reside based on the city’s culture rather than the location or name. The site is dedicated to exploring tiny and medium-sized cities ‘ culture.

They explore things like Des Moines ‘ food scene or the best cities for people who enjoy traveling. Livability can be a great way to discover new options if you’re not picky about where you live.


AreaVibes is a great resource for finding important neighborhood information. Neighborhoods are rated based on amenities, living costs, crime rates, education, employment, quality of the air, and housing availability.

The website also provides a lot of neighborhood information, such as demographics and rates of crime.


If you need to be able to walk from your apartment to the grocery store and a variety of local shops and restaurants in your search for a great place to live, then WalkScore.com is your go – to resource.

Just search for a neighborhood or address, and WalkScore.com will give you the distance from major attractions, how easy it is to ride the area, how easy it is to get around on foot, how easy it is to get around.

WalkScore also lists the best towns to live in if you don’t want to own a car.


It’s a lot like finding a great mechanic to find a reliable moving company – almost impossible and worth their weight in gold once you find them.

MyMovingReviews.com is a valuable resource that provides you with a wealth of other resources, such as a cost estimator that helps calculate how much a move will cost between states, between countries, and how much you’re going to pay for shipping your vehicle.

You can also view an extensive list of moving company reviews in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and many other countries.


There are few options better than Zillow when it comes to finding a place to live–and finding reviews, floor plans, price points, and much more. Users can see rental and sale homes as well as accommodations such as single-room rentals in larger homes (perfect for the big move you’ve always dreamed of to Manhattan).

It is one of the websites that is most popular and well-informed. There are other alternatives, on the other hand:

  • Trulia.com
  • StreetEasy.com
  • Realtor.com
  • Homes.com
  • Apartments.com
  • Rent.com
  • ApartmentGuide.com

A lengthy, drawn-out method is to find a fresh location to reside –and moving is another drawn-out method. But you can discover the correct location to reside with these instruments and websites that fits your wishes, find a wonderful apartment, and easily find the best movers.

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