Advice For Developing Into a Master Millennial Reader

Advice For Developing Into a Master Millennial Reader

If you are not reading a wide variety of books, you should unplug your television. If you are an avid reader, you should read widely and read works by authors with different backgrounds than your own. Reading widely will help you develop a diverse perspective, expanding your worldview. You should also put your ideas into words to develop your passion for reading. Listed below are some suggestions for developing your passion for reading.

Unplug your TV if you want to read

Did you know that you can safely unplug your television if you want to read? The standby state of your television is on to conserve energy. You can also unplug it to read a book, watch a movie, or listen to music without disturbing your neighbor’s sleep? It’s a win-win situation, but this method has some downsides. In most cases, unplugging your TV will not save you much money.

Read widely

Millennials read more than their elders, and most of them read more than the last generation at the same age. They may be confident, but their cognitive and affective processes have been short-circuited by all the time they spend on their phones, tablets, and laptops. Many of these students would grimace if asked to read a long, complex sentence. One study showed that 77 percent of millennial readers purchased a book from an author they already enjoyed.
Millennials report a preference for both fiction and nonfiction. Millennials’ most popular fiction genres are mysteries/suspense, general adult fiction, romance, thrillers, and fantasy. The youngest of the millennials, who are currently adults, report a preference for young adult fiction, and 15 percent of them enjoy graphic novels. Millennials are also interested in biographies and memoirs, but their preferred genres vary by gender.
A millennial’s preference for genre influences their reading habits. Regarding fiction, 69 percent of millennials use the library to read general adult fiction, short stories, and historical fiction. In addition, they often purchase erotica, Christian fiction, horror, urban/street lit, and self-help books. And they are more likely to share a book with their friends online and offline.
Millennials are often referred to as the first digital natives, but they place a high value on printed books when reading for pleasure. Paperback and hardcover books are the most common formats for pleasure reading, while ebooks and audiobooks garnered only 24 percent of responses. Interestingly, millennials also prefer to read books with physical covers because they enjoy the smell but prefer lighter and more convenient books.

Put your passion into words.

Developing into a Master Millennial Reader is not easy, and you might find yourself wondering how to develop into this kind of person. Passion, as you know, is a powerful thing, and developing your passion can help you do this. Passion is not something you can “find”; it takes time, effort, and discipline to develop. However, learning how to turn your passion into a career is possible. To do this, follow the tips below.
For example, you may find yourself passionate about music but have difficulty translating it into words. This is common for those who are new to writing, and you may have trouble understanding the concept. But putting your passion into words is one way to do just that. You must learn to channel your passion for what you love and make it work for you. You’ll feel better about yourself if you’re passionate about a hobby.

Manage your time

Managing your time is probably one of your biggest challenges if you are a Millennial. Life is busy, and millennials are no exception. With work, family, and social life taking up most of their time, they are surrounded by distractions. It is no wonder that many struggles to make time for their hobbies, but there are ways to manage your time. Here are 11 tips to help you do it.
O, Invest in a time management planner. Having a physical planner and different colored pens helps you remember what’s due and when. However, you don’t have to buy an expensive planner to keep track of important dates. You can download calendar apps and set alerts. One such app is Fantastical, which has the added benefit of color-coding your commitments and fully integrates with Apple platforms.


O, Set clear priorities. This is particularly important for millennials. The more balanced your life is, your time management skills will improve. You should be able to balance your social life with your work. You can’t do everything at once, but you can prioritize your work and personal life. You can manage your time as a master millennial reader by following the tips below. Your time is precious, so invest in quality reading and learning how to manage it.
O, Read on the go. You can download podcasts if you don’t have time to read. Many entrepreneurs listen to podcasts when on the go. Gretchen Rubin’s podcast focuses on personal happiness and has become a must-listen for many entrepreneurs. There are plenty of other books to help you manage your time as a master millennial reader. You can also try out some of these new resources.