Advice on increasing fat burning while exercising

There are some exercise ways that can help you burn more fat significantly during your workouts. They’re not really hacks per se, but simple adjustments and additions that can boost the results of your fat burning. Again, because of the hectic nature of our lifestyles these days, they aren’t really for everyone as most people these days fit exercise whenever possible. Instead of burning fat, some people might just want to improve their overall performance.

Do morning exercises on an empty stomach
This is probably one of the best keys you’ve been carrying around to burn off those extra fats. Turbo charging your fat burning furnace is a sure way to exercise on an empty stomach in the morning. Morning exercises can help you burn up to 300 percent more body fat than you do at any other time of the day. The logic here is quite straightforward and simple. Usually there is no glycogen (stored glucose) in your liver for the body to burn for energy after just waking up from sleep. This is caused by the fat that for the period of your sleep your body was on a fast. As a result, your body needs to directly burn stored fats for energy to supply the energy needed to complete the activity.

Change Your Exercise
It is known that the human body has a great ability to adapt to any stressful situation, exercise being no exception. Performing a specific exercise on a regular basis will make your muscles used to that particular exercise. Over time, the workout will make it easier for you to perform with the muscles that don’t have to work hard to get things done.

Do cardio exercises Immediately after weight training
The body can exhaust its immediately available fuel glucose within 20-30 minutes of an exercise. The only exception is to work out on an empty stomach in the morning as discussed above. Your body can turn to burning more body fat only when you have exhausted the available free glucose in your system.

Vary Your Exercise Duration
It is also very important to change the duration for which you exercise. You definitely don’t want to adjust your body to your regular activity. It is important to avoid this because once the body has become accustomed to the particular pattern of that exercise, it is easier for the muscles to perform an exercise. Changing the exercise duration can therefore help improve your performance. Such a change could make it harder for you to reach the fat-burning zone with that said.

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