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Protect your computer from Avast Free Antivirus viruses

Antivirus software has been around for a long time now, and you can install on your computer many, if not too many, antivirus programs. It can be difficult to tell which software is better than the next and which one is going to do the best for you.

There are even fake antivirus programs out there that will try to trick you into buying them by telling you your computer is infected and buying their software is the only way to clean it up. You can also run some free antivirus programs on your computer, and many of them do a good job of protecting your computer from attacks. Most of them, of course, have a pay for version with more features, but you don’t need those extra features a lot of time. When you decide that you want to buy the “premium” version of the software, these extra features are generally not too much.

Avast is one of those companies making a free antivirus program called Avast Free Antivirus and it comes with many features that you can use to protect your device as well as many additional features in the version charge. In this article we will explore what the free version provides and what additional features you will receive if you decide to purchase the program.

When you download the software from their website, you run the installer and you can choose to install anything, perform a minimal installation or custom installation. You can either allow or disable the features you want or don’t want with the custom setup and after downloading the program you can add or delete features if you have changed your mind.

Once you download and run it, one of the first things you’ll see in the system is that it needs you to run a smart test. This scan is pretty fast and will show you the scan results when you’re done. The downside is that the Smart Scan will only find problems, but will not solve them unless you buy the version payment.

The Status section shows you pretty much that you’re protected and gives you the option to run the smart scan that’s more for version pay, so if you’re using the free version, the smart scan is more informative than anything else.

The section on Protection will tell you which tools you can run on your computer. It’s only possible to use the icons with the orange locks on them with the premium pay for edition otherwise they’re just there to show you what you want.

By clicking on Scans, you will be able to select different types of scans you can run on your computer. You have the option to scan your entire computer with a complete virus scan, a targeted scan which allows you to pick which files and folders to scan, a boot time scan that will search for issues when you start your computer, and finally a section where you can create custom scans. Within each scan form, you have additional options such as scanning, sensitivity to heuristics, choosing files and folders to exclude from scanning, and scheduling options.

You will then be confronted with the findings if you run a test and you can then determine what steps you want to take if there are any risks to it. You can take four possible actions:

  • Delete-This option will delete files that are detected or contaminated. Be vigilant when doing this to make sure you may not need a folder.
  • Repair-This method should be used when necessary are the contaminated files and if possible you don’t want them to be removed but cleaned.
  • Chest-This will quarantine the file to prevent the spread of any infection and will not do anything with it. You won’t be able to use the file until either you remove it from the repair chest.
  • Nothing–Nothing’s going to leave the contaminated directory as it is.

Also in the Protection section is the Virus Chest where if you have any, you can view your quarantined items and then decide what to do with them.

The Core Shields area is where you can see the key security features that you have enabled and activate or disable them as required.

  • File Shield-This will scan files from sources such as flash drives or over the network as they are placed on your hard drive.
  • Behavior Shield-Whether any of your software is doing something suspicious that could harm your computer, this will let you know.
  • Web Shield-This scans websites when you link to them and blocks any websites found to be hazardous. It will also block any files that you access from the Internet that are potentially dangerous.
  • Mail Shield-Your email attachments will be scanned and any threats blocked.

The Privacy tab provides tools to protect your privacy, such as stopping other users from accessing your computer or spying on you and being able to destroy files safely. There’s also the SecureLine VPN tool that allows you to connect to the Internet using Avast VPN servers that use an encrypted tunnel to keep things like your location and IP address private to keep your web browsing anonymous. Unfortunately, all the tools in the Privacy section require that you upgrade to Avast’s paid version.

Finally, the Performance section has a few tools you can use to improve your computer’s performance. One is called Premium Cleanup, which will show you what can be done to clean up your computer and speed it up. When you first opened Avast, it’s the same thing you see when you ran the Smart Scan. Then Driver Updater will check and upgrade as needed for outdated hardware drivers that can cause crashes and poor performance. Once again, only the pay for the software version is available for both of these devices.

Overall, Avast Free Antivirus is fine if you just want a basic antivirus program that will also monitor and act on threats for application, web and email activity. Moreover, it offers a nice level of protection with the real-time protection and the ability to schedule scans. Avast also came out with different antivirus efficacy tests at the top of the pack. See how the free version works for you and try it out for yourself.

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