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Can Whole Body CryoTherapy Treat Multiple Sclerosis Effects Or Slow Down?

Well, it turns out that since Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms are greatly reduced with Whole Body CryoTherapy (WBCT). This is because WBCT interrupts the process of inflammation so that the pain is temporarily reduced as the body resets itself. Once MS is temporarily reset, regression appears. Some recommend a two-week treatment (twice a day, 3-hour intervals) every 6 months to try to prevent a recurrence of hard-hitting weakening MS problems from occurring.

Because Whole Body CryoTherapy interrupts the process of inflammation, it makes sense for a short – term symptom reliever to reset the body. Indeed, one study showed a result in “positive antioxidant effects of WBCT as a short – term treatment aid for patients with MS.”

Modern medicine still doesn’t know everything it needs to determine what causes MS or how it can be cured, but it seems that Whole Body CryoTherapy can serve as a nice stop gap for those suffering from MS, possibly temporarily limiting its effect on their lifestyle due to symptom flare-ups or condition relapses. Knowing the value of WBCT for those affected by MS is great.

Another interesting link is how CryoTherapy induces a rush of endorphins as endorphins are a chemical good for our central nervous system and brain, which are also places that cause MS to attack our bodies. This story is more, and we hope research finds out how everything is connected. Meanwhile, if you have MS, you may want to see how Whole Body CryoTherapy can help you deal with the associated symptoms, relapses, and pain.

There is one research paper on this that I would like to point out to you: “Effects of whole-body cryotherapy on total antioxidant status and activity of some antioxidant enzymes in the blood of multiple sclerosis-preliminary study patients,” by E. Miller, K. Malinowska, K. Zolynski and J. Mrowicka. Kedziora. See: Journal of Medical Investment 2010 Feb;57(1-2):168-73

When we survey different establishments of Whole Body CryoTherapy we learn that the MS community is expanding its interest and we see more people who are afflicted with MS appearing for regular Whole Body CyroTherapy sessions. Apparently the word is out, and with Cryo Therapy, people find relief. This is great news because of the weakening conditions caused by MS during flare-ups or late stages.

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