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Changes in Multiple Sclerosis with Aging: Know More to Beat It!

Multiple sclerosis-many of us have heard of it, many may have watched someone close to it, and I know that many of us are going through it. Whatever our stage is, let’s first talk about what’s Multiple Sclerosis? I know, the second question that comes up in your head is-does this, like many other diseases, reduce our life expectancy? Is there any cure and if not the symptoms could be minimized to allow the patient to lead a normal life? You may be thinking now how I choose to ask the right questions. One of my very close friends is living with it and these were the exact questions that hit me when he was first diagnosed with it.

Multiple sclerosis grows older: physical changes

Multiple sclerosis can be considered an autoimmune disorder where the immune system of the body begins to work against it instead of defending itself! In this case, the immune system of our own body attacks the myelin of the central nervous system, resulting in impairment of mobility, weakness, blurred vision, loss of balance and even paralysis depending on the severity of the damage.

Multiple sclerosis is intertwined with aging. It’s not like you’re going to age before your time, but in these patients the age-related issues will be evident sooner. It was found that patients having multiple sclerosis are in a high risk of developing urinary tract infections, cellulitis which is a skin infection caused by bacteria and also septicemia which is also called blood poisoning disorder where the bacterial infection gets into the bloodstream, with aging. So, don’t forget to look at them.

In addition, the possibility of becoming physically disabled will increase significantly with aging. Now, the question is how it should be handled? When the feeling of weakness in the leg begins in the earlier stage, orthotics that could be worn inside shoes could provide real help to the muscles of the foot from becoming stiff. Despite this climbing stairs, walking with a weaker leg might be troublesome and you’re not worried! You could be helped by’ Ankle foot brace!’ This braces work by stabilizing the ankles when the muscles of the foot become weak so you can walk more easily and get up the stairs.

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