Comodo Cleaning Essentials Security\Spyware Scanner

When it comes to the never-ending battle against security breaches and spyware infections, you never get enough protection. There are many security / spyware scanners but the thing to remember is that they all do not find all potential security risks or spyware infections that your computer might be exposed to. It is very important to run multiple scan tools on your computer if you think you have an infection or even to check when things seem to be running fine.

Just running one or two scanners might find different things but it might not find everything. This is where Comodo Cleaning Essentials can help you. In addition to running the usual scans, you can run Comodo to help you find additional items that might be hiding from your regular scanning program. One of the good things about Comodo is that you don’t have to install the program and it just works as a standalone program on your computer. Once you download and run the program (CCE.exe), it will update its virus signature database so that it contains the latest definitions for protecting against spyware, viruses and rootkits.

After that, you will be presented with the option to perform a smart scan, full scan, or custom scan. The smart scan quickly scans critical areas on your computer that are highly vulnerable to viruses, rootkits and malware infections. The full scan option will scan all areas of your computer including hard drive and system memory partitions to identify any threats. Choosing Custom Scan will allow you to check for viruses in any given file or folder from any hard drive on your computer.

Once you choose your type of scan, Comodo will start scanning your computer and it will show you the status of the scan such as the files it scanned and the infections it found. At any time during the scan, you can click on the red threat (s) found link to see what the program found on your computer.

When the scan is finished, you can next see the results.

If any of the items are to be treated differently compared to what Comodo thinks they should do, you can click the play pane after the item and choose a different process like cleaning, ignoring or reporting. Once you make any changes to the actions to be performed on the files from the list, click on the “Apply” button and the program will do its job. You might get a message saying that you need to restart your computer for the changes to be fully applied so be sure to save anything you opened because if you don’t click anything, the program tends to restart your computer on its own.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials also comes with some other tools called Autorun Analyzer and KillSwitch which can be accessed from the tools menu from the program’s main windows.

Autorun Analyzer checks and displays your computer’s startup items all in one place with a threat label next to them allowing you to do things like go to that entry or location as well as disable and delete the item. Just make sure you know what you are changing when using this tool because you can seriously damage your system by disabling or deleting the wrong thing.

KillSwitch is a system monitoring tool that you can use to identify and stop any processes that are not supposed to be running or that you think may be related to a virus or spyware infection. Many virus and spyware programs run as processes on your system or even hide themselves as common processes to avoid detection. KillSwitch can display all running processes including invisible or heavily hidden processes. By starting KillSwitch in Aggressive Mode, you have the ability to terminate all running applications and processes created by a user currently logged in. This allows you to analyze the processes that have started automatically so you can identify any malicious processes initiated by the malware to help you identify problems.


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