DDOS Attack – Know what’s all the fuss about?

Is it free from attack on your network?

What’s all the Commotion?

As the entire world has welcomed the revolution of information technology, there has also been an explosion of harmful internet activities. We continue to hear the news that a website has been targeted by hackers and brought it down and called for a ransom. So how is that going to happen? Most of the time a website, server, or network is unresponsive, malfunctioning, or inaccessible, a Denial of Service Attack or some of its variations, such as Distributed Denial of Service Attack or DDoS, is likely to occur on the website or service.

How does DDoS occur?

The DDoS attack starts when compromised computers are accessed by the hacker. It is tainted with malicious code or malware once the system is compromised. The DDoS Master is called this compromised device. Anti-DDoS protection-free systems can be easily compromised.

The Zombies are real!

Then this master computer rakes through the network and infests other vulnerable devices that turn them into bots or zombies without DDoS protection. The infected computer infested network is called the Botnet. Then the hackers order the network to target the desired website or service by sending an enormous amount of data from the host server. This condition is not quite different from the congestion of traffic. The flood of cars (data) bottlenecks the roads (servers) leading to traffic jams (service denial).

DDOS Attack – Know what’s all the fuss about?

After getting to know DDoS, let’s discuss its types:

DDoS comes in different forms We need to learn some details about network connection and DDoS security to understand the types of DDoS attacks. The relation consists of various layers such as the network layer, layer of presentation, layer of operation, etc. Every layer has a specific function. The DDoS attack targets certain layers or link elements. Here are a number of DDoS types:


The malicious activities to usurp all available network connections through the devices fall under TCP category i.e., firewalls, load balancers, layer of application. The network could easily be taken down because thousands of compromised systems would target the newest DDoS attack.


We simply consume all of the network or server’s available bandwidth or data rate. The infected computer requests take up the entire target network bandwidth.


The bots are flooding the target with TCP or UDP fragments or data packets in this type of attack. This excessive data traffic interferes with the data streams, making it difficult for the host to provide valid requests for service.


The hacker targets a specific target machine program or service in the Program DDoS attack. Even with a few bots, the attack could be lethal because, despite low traffic rates, it is very difficult to identify.

Symptoms of DDoS Attack

Nonetheless, as distinguishing between legitimate traffic and malicious activity is very difficult, there are some signs that can help you identify it. If you are having trouble accessing a specific file on the network or on the local system, the machine may be compromised. Similarly, if the website has been down for a long time or you encounter a disturbance of the link, it might be another warning. Likewise, a large volume of junk mails may also suggest an attack on your network. The symptoms become evident when there is no anti-DDoS system in place.

Tell me about the Solutions

The ransom is correlated with most recent cases of DDoS attacks. The attack will cause your company to lose valuable financial or physical resources even if you don’t have to pay anything. It is recommended that you spend some money in the first place to prevent the problem. If you want to stop the attack or recover from the attack, here are a few options.

Installing OS updates

The security updates should be implemented timely as the attacks are done by malware. This will ensure that an old OS weakness is not exploited by the hackers.

Installing Firewalls

Your first line of defense is the firewalls, so make sure they are strong and effective.

Hiring services of Anti-DDoS providers

Most vendors offer resources for Anti-DDoS. It could be your best option to recruit a specialist to defend against such assaults.

Configuring Routers

Ensure configuration of the routers on your intranet to protect you from fake traffic.

In short,

The extent of the attack can vary from the service’s unavailability to ransom demands, to damage to servers, networks or related infrastructure. Having any investment in DDoS security and Anti-DDoS technologies and practices would be a wise decision.


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