Find Your Wi-Fi Password For Your Wireless Connection

Many of us have wireless modems or routers and share our Internet links with things like our computers, our smartphones and our tablets. And as they all share the same Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) they share the same password. Most people tend to remember or at least write down their wireless password somewhere when they first set it up. But what about it for some time since a new device is connected and the password is not registered in writing.

You can of course re-establish your password if you are aware of how to access your router or modem. But if you do this, all of your wireless devices must be reconnected with the new password, which may take time or may even be difficult for some people.

Happily there is a way to get the saved mobile password in Windows so you can look up it if you forget. The method is rather straight forward and in this situation it is actually simpler to type a command out of a command prompt than the GUI, because it takes fewer steps to get there. When clicking Start or Search Box Cortana, simply type cmd from the run-box to open a command prompt. You may execute the command Netsh Wi-Fi Profile to view all wireless profiles stored on your computer if you don’t know your wireless connection (SSID) name.

Then make a note of the link you are currently using from the list. You may only have the one connection that you use in your home unless you are on a laptop that could connect to other Wi-Fi hotspots elsewhere. We want to find the BUDDY-5 G connection password in our case. To do this type netsh wlan show the Buddy-5 g profile key= clear in the command prompt, but substitute buddy-5 g by the name of your wireless connection. The key= clear part of the command tells you to clearly show your password.

You now know your wireless network password and need not worry about getting into your modem or router to reset it or not to reset it when new devices are connected to your wireless connection.

GUI Method

Now we have shown you how to quickly find your wireless password, then how to use the graphical user interface to find it. You can go to the Control Panel, Network & Shared Center and click on the left-hand connection which specifies Switch adapter configuration.

You may be provided with a link in Windows 7, which says you can use Wireless Networks to reach the same location.

You then find, right-click, and select the status for your wireless connections.

You will then click on the Wireless Properties button, then on the Safety tab and then on the Display Characters window. As you can see from the command prompt, we got the same result for the wireless password. You can display similar details as the protection type using the GUI system.

So everything depends on which way you want to find the password that you have forgotten. However, the good thing is that you can find an option to start with your wireless password!


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