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Fixing Search Issues In Windows 10

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For Windows 10 the search function is very useful. Not everybody knows where they place a file, photo, video, documents etc. on their computer. One can quickly find an object of interest using the search function. Windows 10 has now combined the search feature with Bing, enabling users to get results from the internet as well.

Many users complain about weak search function. Occasionally results are only partly shown, or no results appear to be set at all. Here we’ll look at some of the most common issues with search functions and how to fix them.

Why Do Search Issues Occur?

Anyone who has built or configured any of the systems knows that any IT system can get quite quickly complicated. Some of the problems apply to Windows updates. A patch is typically issued in a few days that fixes the result. If their search feature is not working, one should make sure that their machine runs the most recent update.

Turn Cortana On And Off

Cortana is really integrated with the search feature on Windows 10. Sometimes this may cause a part of the search system to break down. In this scenario, turning the Cortana on then off is the only way to remedy it. The easiest way to do this is by opening the task manager (alt+control+delete) and selecting the program stop manually. Using Cortana is the list of running programs, highlighting it, and selecting ‘end job.’

Use the Windows Troubleshooter

Many don’t find this option but it’s often enough to solve the problem. And if it can’t fix the issue, Windows 10’s latest features allow the troubleshooter to include information to how the issue can be fixed.

Ensure The Search Service Is Running

For a number of purposes, services, sometimes become disabled. It is very likely that the search service on one’s computer was switched off, and this might very well trigger problems with search feature. To do this the Run window has to be opened. The best way to do so is by pressing the key+r on the buttons. When the run box opens type “services.msc” and press enter. The service window will open offering a scroll-down menu with different processes and facilities. Proceed down until you find “Windows Scan.” Right-click on it and select restart.

Rebuild the Search Indexing Options

The indexer lets you know where files are stored on a PC. Often, it can delete, overwrite, or corrupt those file locations. The index must be restored to address this problem.

Tap the Run window again (by pressing Windows Taste + r) and type “Control Panel.” After the control panel window has been opened, check for “indexing options.” Once the next window is opened, press the “advanced” button and from there you can pick “rebuild.”

Restart Your Computer

It is with good cause and a classic piece of advice. Occasionally only need to restart one’s computer. Programs run with loops. A loop can often get stuck, which means it has no end. This endless loop causes a program to sit idle and to do no work. Rebooting the machine would trigger all programs to reset, leaving endless loops.

This is not an exhaustive list of fixes but merely the best solutions to broken search functionality’s most common triggers. If anything else fails, one can reinstall windows at any time. Those facing this last resort option need to make sure their data is backed up beforehand.


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