Emotional Freedom Technique

Forgiveness can cure everything

Forgiveness is one of the fastest and safest paths to self – love cultivation. You’re not forgiving others for letting them off the hook. You forgive yourself and others to clear, heal, transmute, and dissolve the heart – closing emotional wounds, trauma, harm, and damage. If you really want to create for yourself a more loving and supportive life, the first step is often to heal and open your heart and start living from it. Take just one example of financial issues. When people experience financial problems, they often become anxious and worried and concentrate most of their mental energy on how bad things are, and this only makes things worse. The way the Law of Attraction works is to multiply whatever you concentrate your mental energy and attention on emotionally magnified.

Technique of forgiveness number 1. Get into a meditative (quiet, relaxed and peaceful) state of mind and think about the person or situation that is bothering you. Visualize yourself as a pillar of light or a shining ball. Now ask the other person’s soul self to come forward. Explain your feelings and how you’ve been hurt by that person. Really sit down for a moment with these feelings. Then start releasing these feelings while telling you to forgive the other person. Now visualize your shining ball of energy getting brighter.
Technique of forgiveness number 2. It is also possible to use this technique in different areas. If you are struggling with a disease, visualize and talk to it as energy. You might even want to write a letter, but please NOT send it to the other person if you do so. This is just a technique for your own forgiveness on the inside. If it means so much to them, let the other person do their own work. Technique of forgiveness number.
Technique of forgiveness number 3. Get into a state of mind meditative and think about the person or situation you’d like to forgive. Think about how your life was changed by that person or event. How would without that person or experience have your life been different? What have you learned from the relationship or event?

Usually after doing this, you will find that the association has had some advantages. Always look at the ways in which you grew through the experience; as uncomfortable as it was. Recognize this as an experience of learning and thank the other person for this gift. Because it’s really a gift if you’ve grown out of it.

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