How to Blur Text or Faces in Adobe Premiere

Blur out those private images in Adobe Premiere

If you like editing movies and are lucky enough to have your own version of Adobe Premiere then you may run into a time when something like someone’s face or perhaps a phone number or email address needs to be blurred. Fortunately the process isn’t that hard, but a few measures are involved. You’ll find it really easy to do once you do it a couple of times.

We need to blur the email address in this video on how to create an Outlook signature in our instance, and we don’t want to blur anything else in the video.

As you can see in our preview window, we’ve opened a new email with the email address being shown and that’s all we want to blur in this video and want nothing else to cover.

Blown up vision of what we’re going to obscure.

We first import our clip into Premiere and then add it as usual to the timeline.

Now it’s here where things get special. First you have to move the same video clip back into the timeline, but on another row. The clip’s first copy was on Video 1 and then the clip’s second copy is on Video 2 with the audio on Audio 2.

There we don’t need the audio twice, so if you right-click the Audio 2 clip on line you can then click Unlink to remove the audio from the video. Next press and delete the clip on the Audio 2 line and you’ll find that the clip’s video part stayed on Video 2.

Now, by going to the Video Effects and drilling down to Blur and Sharpen and eventually Gaussian Blur, we need to apply the blur effect to the clip on Video 2. Drag and trigger the Gaussian Blur effect on the Video 2 line video. Now the blur effect is added to the entire video zone, but we don’t want to blur the entire clip, just the email address.

So now we have to go back to the effects and go to Transform and then find the crop and move the crop to the same video.

The Effects Controls tab should now be opened and if you do not go to the Window menu and click Effects Controls. Expand the arrows to the left, top, right and bottom parts under the Crop tab.

Now you want to set the level of Blurriness as blurred as you want it to be so that it hides what you’re trying to hide. You will find that your whole video is now blurred and that’s where the segment on the crop comes in. For each position you want to drag the sliders so the blur only covers the area you want to blur. You can also fine-tune the fuzzy region of numbers and even use decimal places.

As you can see, we switched our sliders to the right positions in order to cover up only the email address.

Once this is done, you’ll need to crop the clip in Clip 2’s timeline, so the blur just appears when you want it to because when the video moves away from this email box, we don’t want the blur to blur whatever footage takes its place.


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