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How To Optimize Your Google Drive Storage

Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the best available cloud storage providers as it sits on highly reliable Google servers and provides free storage for all users up to 15 GB. If you used Gmail to store your email attachments, you are already using Drive.

For most users who only use it to store their few important files, the 15 GB free storage offered by the Drive is enough. However, if you use it for more than that and there are many of your documents in your Google Drive account, you are likely to discover yourself running out of room in your account in the near future.

However, there are a few methods to assist you make your free storage limit last a little longer for you when implemented. These tips and tricks from Google Drive optimize your account’s already stored content, so your content consumes less room and you have more room for other documents to be stored.

Delete (Large) Attachments From Your Gmail

Many consumers believe Gmail has its own storage quota and has nothing to do with Google Drive. That is not the situation, though. In fact, all emails and attachments that you receive in your Gmail are counted towards your Drive quota.

So it’s important that you get rid of the attachments and emails you don’t find helpful in your inbox anymore. Here’s a fast and easy way to discover all those attachments for storage-hogging.

Click on the down-arrow icon in the search box to access Gmail in your browser. The sophisticated search menu will be opened.

Check the box that says Has attachment in the freshly opened search menu. It will ensure that only emails are searched with attachments. Select larger than X MB in the Size box where X is the size of the attachment. You can attempt between 5 and 10 MB anywhere. Then Search struck.

You will now see all the emails with attachments that are bigger than you indicated above. Check the messages you want to get rid of and press the top option Delete.

Make sure that you also delete the emails from the Trash and that you have released your storage space for Google Drive.

Convert Microsoft Office Docs To Google Docs Format

You’ll understand that Google has its own online office suite called Google Docs unless you’ve lived under a rock. Google Docs allows you to generate Word-like records, Excel-like spreadsheets, and PowerPoint-like presentations, like the traditional MS Office suite.

Moreover, not all the files produced with Google Docs count towards the storage of your Drive. So if you have your MS Office or any other office documents in your storage, it’s time to convert them to this format to save room in your storage.

Here we’ll look at how an MS Excel spreadsheet can be converted to a Google Sheet:

Open Google Drive in a browser, discover the file you want to transform, right-click the file, and choose Open with Google Sheets followed.

When the file opens, grab Save as Google Sheets and press the File menu at the top.

It will rapidly convert and launch your spreadsheet’s Google Docs version.

Most of your initial document items are going to be intact. Some characteristics, however, may not be carried over during conversion. Keep the initial file with you until you have checked and ensured that the converted version has everything.

Upload Photos & Videos In High-Quality On Google Photos

Google Photos allows you to upload your pictures, organize them and maintain them in the cloud. Your uploaded files will not count towards your Drive quota as long as your picture and video quality is set to high quality rather than initial quality.

Go to the Google Photos page and click Settings on the hamburger icon.

Activate the High Quality choice on the following screen. To convert your current pictures and videos to high quality, click the Recover Storage button.

Keep Unsupported Objects In Google Docs

Google Drive only offers a handful of file kinds with free, unlimited storage. If yours is not one of the supported types of files, you can combine it with a supported type of file to get unlimited free storage.

If you have an image you don’t want to modify, for example, you can create a document from Google Docs and put the image in it. Since Google Docs documents are stored free of charge, your image will also have the same privilege within the document.

Delete Apps Data From Your Google Account

If you have any applications linked to your Google Drive account, some of your Drive storage may be used. Usually these app information are hidden, but there is a way to delete this information from your account.

Click the equipment icon at the top while on the Google Drive page and select Settings.

To view your applications, click Manage Apps in the left sidebar on the next screen. Click the Options option to pick Delete hidden app information for any application you believe is using your storage.

Empty The Google Drive Trash

Even the files you deleted from your Google Drive account will be counted towards your storage if you don’t already understand. Usually it is transferred to the Trash when you delete a file and it is not continuously deleted.

To actually regain the space that the files you deleted had occupied,you need to empty the Trash as below

Access your Google Drive account and click on Trash in the left sidebar.

Click the top title of the trash and you’ll discover an option that says empty trash. Click on that.

Your G Drive Trash will be emptied.


Knowing some of these optimization tips will prevent you from purchasing paid storage plans as the free one will last for you with some smart applications for a lifetime.


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