Is it safe to surf the web without a VPN in Canada?

Do you feel safe surfing the Internet?

It has already been said countless times, but over the last 20 years, the Internet has grown a lot more than it ever was. This growth, however, has not come without some inconvenience. For example, take the people of Canada. Many of them surf the web feeling that their own governments are monitoring every move.

The Five Eyes Intelligence sharing agreement is a part of Canada. That alliance was initially known as the United Kingdom-United States of America (UKUSA) agreement throughout the Second World War. The partnership was established to share intelligence between the two countries.

It’s easy to understand and see why people in Canada go online lightly. Canadians are transmitting more data online than ever. You already share your data online, even if you do everyday business such as updating your social media profile, or searching Google-albeit not willingly.

Given mass surveillance in Canada, all this monitoring can be bypassed. The use of a VPN is most important because it helps to hide your IP address from the user’s tracks. Private browsers (e.g. Google Chrome Incognito Mode) also help to prevent third parties from being made acquainted with their browsing activity by saving browser history and site cookies.

Simply put, the only way to guarantee the protection of your privacy online is to use a VPN. Most People use VPNs to access Netflix’s U.S. service since they have more shows and movies than their Canadian equivalent.

Several enterprises, persons and enterprises use VPNs to secure communication and internal data. To order to prevent third parties from collecting information, VPNs operate by encrypting the Internet connection of a computer.

These are also widely used to protect users against cyber criminals, especially when these enter a public Wi-Fi port where hackers are waiting for victims. While free VPN proxy servers are available online, they are very restricted. One thing is that their server list is small compared to that of subscription services. Free VPNs often appear to search at slower speeds and can not be 100% guaranteed to be safe.

Although under the umbrella of Five Eyes, VPNs are 100% lawful in Canada. The creation of a personal network with NordVPN Canada servers does not end up with a hot water rule. Many government agencies in Canada actually use VPNs to help protect their important information against potential hackers. Technically speaking, no law prohibits citizens when they go online from using this device.

However, some countries have binding laws requiring some VPN providers to provide data to their clients when they are ordered by a government agency. It is therefore important to use a VPN service that does not maintain logs of the activity of the user.

Canada’s cybersecurity laws are stringent and are often upheld to prevent potential threats such as cybercrime and terrorism. You really can’t blame them for being strict in their internet legislation if you look at things from the government’s point of view. Nonetheless, it is hard for Canadians to surf the Internet as they constantly monitor the activities because of the law.

It helps also that VPNs can help you watch sports games in your particular area. Many Canadian sports channels explicitly say those games are darkened, costing viewers the opportunity to look at their favorite teams in practice. VPNs allow sports fans even though their market is blackout to watch their favorite team games.

So is it safe to navigate the Internet without using a VPN in Canada? What you do depends when you go online. Many people who search the web to read articles or update their Twitter and Facebook pages don’t really have much to think about. If you want to access the Netflix US version, you will definitely have to watch the sporting games black out and torrent some files on the web.

As one of the leaders of the Five Eyes Alliance, Canada is able to give everyone who goes online a sense of fear, so it is important for users to have VPNs to protect them.


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