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Log into Windows Without Typing a Username or Password

Both new Windows releases need a default user account, so each time you start your machine, you have to enter the default. It was not appropriate for older models, but back then protection was not a concern as much as it was today.

But if you need to do it, there will still be people who protest and try to get out of it, which is because they have to put in a Windows password. Back in the old days you might use a program like TweakUI to enter and save your password to login automatically, but now you don’t need to do anything like that to get the same performance.

Now it’s very easy to sign in to Windows without your password form. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to use a password, but it just saves your password and you don’t have to type it. And it takes just a few steps to set up, so it can be done very quickly.

To start, click Start and type in the netplwiz search box and click enter. This is also possible with Windows 10 from Cortana. This will open the user accounts dialog box and is another way to handle users than the control panel tool you would probably use or the Windows 10 user account settings. This user accounts control approach provides some more advanced options than the others.

There is a box which says, “The users must enter a username and password in order to use this device.” You should find. You only have to uncheck the box and the user is logged in automatically when you open Windows. The point is that if you have more than one user on this device, when the machine is started, you are asked which user account you want to log in by default. As you can see from the post, you must specify a user that will be signed automatically below.

This may be a concern if you have several users using the device, as one of them is logging in at the start of the process, and if it is not their account, they have to log in to their own profile, as well as to access the user’s computer. Therefore, it may not be the safest thing to configure if you have multiple users using the machine with their own accounts.

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