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Loud Music’s effect on the Ears

When listened in the right way, music is wonderful. However, many turn the volume to an extraordinary level because they want to hear it above the noise in the background, or because the rhythm thumping makes them feel good. Whatever causes loud music to the ears is extremely harmful. Usually the problems do not start until one gets older and they can be quite horrific.

The worst thing is tinnitus, which produces constant ringing or noise in the nerves that has nothing to do with anything in the environment. It is a hearing mechanism malfunction and loud noise is the main cause. This can come from chain saws, music, drills, machinery, rock concerts, etc. It was purchased by a friend of mine from being in the army and the guns he had to use. When it happens after they leave the service, it is doubtful whether soldiers would be compensated for this condition.

People who work with loud noise risk their hearing, and it is not known to many. While playing it in shops is common, the assistants are unaware of the risk they take. Similarly, customers who have to bear it while shopping are also at risk. This is a general health hazard and one that should be advertised by governments and the medical profession to prevent it from causing a community plague of deafness. Yes! Yes! I said deafness because my brother is driven crazy with the condition and is now deaf in one ear with reduced hearing in the other.

At such a volume, there is no need to play music to risk ear damage. The side-effects should be given more publicity and the young should be given explanations in school in particular to be aware of them. Norma Holt has the knowledge to understand a lot of issues. Social, political, and behavioral issues are usually on her list for discussion and she will be amazed at the depth of her research.

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