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Make a Quick E-mail Shortcut

Nearly everyone who has a computer has access to the internet and uses email in some way or other, and they typically have a group of people who email more than others. Most people like to have shortcuts for things they most often use on their desktops, such as opening programs or some files.

If you have someone you regularly e-mail, you can create a shortcut to open a new e-mail when you click on it. This shortcut icon can then be added to your desktop, quick start bar, or any other place you like. This assumes that you are using an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. If you access your email account with an email client installed on your computer, this will not work with webmail such as Yahoo or Gmail.

First, you need to right-click your desktop and select New, then Shortcut. Followed by the e-mail address of the person you want to build the shortcut for (without spaces) in the mailto dialog box type.

Then press Next to name the new shortcut. Then click to complete. From here you can transfer or copy anywhere you like your shortcut button. When you double-click it, a new e-mail message will appear in your e-mail program with the e-mail address of that person filled in.


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