My Big Horn Saddle Review

My Big Horn Saddle Review

The company has been around for 40 years and has built dependable saddles for riders and horses alike. Its philosophy is to build a comfortable saddle for both horse and rider. This philosophy has led to innovations in Flex Tree saddles, extreme comfort seats, and three-way rigging. BigHorn saddles have seen excellent results in combination with Flex Tree and Flex trees. Listed below are some benefits of the BigHorn saddle.


In this My Big Horn Saddle Rawhide review, we will talk about how well-made this brand is and how the best technology used to produce it is. We will also discuss how well-fitting this brand is and how it balances traditional saddle-making techniques with the latest advancements in design. In particular, we’ll look at the new additions to Big Horn’s line of saddles, including Sil-Cush and Flex-trees.
The first feature to note is the durability of the saddle. The rawhide used in these saddles is made of bull hide and is considered one of the strongest materials on the market. However, they are comparatively light, and the fact that the wood is strong doesn’t mean they’re unreliable. For those who don’t know much about saddles, I’ll explain a little more about the benefits of each type.
The quality of the material is the most impressive aspect of the saddle. The premium brown leather is hand-crafted and has a running W border. The leather is also beautiful, with a hand-tooled floral pattern and decorative conchos. The seat and stirrups are not identical to the ones in the image, but they are still nice. The leather is also lined with fleece, and it weighs 45 pounds. Lastly, the saddle comes with a limited five-year warranty.

Bull hide

While traditional cowboy saddles are often made of bucking bull hide, Big Horn has created saddles from rawhide and fiberglass. These materials are durable and long-lasting. They also allow for airflow to reduce heat, dampness, and irritation. Big Horn also offers top-line flex trees, making them an excellent choice for endurance and trail riding horses. In addition, the saddles can be fitted with various bars, ensuring that each rider and horse are comfortable and happy.
This type of leather is similar to rawhide, but it is thicker. Bullhide trees are generally used in the highest-end saddles, as the leather is stronger and allows for more flexibility in the tree.
However, the high price tag on this saddle material is justified as the material is so sturdy and refined. You’ll want to ensure the model you choose fits your horse perfectly and your needs.

Cordura Review

The Cordura Big Horn Saddle is made of Cordura nylon material and weighs 6.8 kg. This saddle has a Semi-Quarter-Ralide tree with a 16″ leather seat and horn leather bound Fender. Its underside is made of Cordura nylon material of Big Horn quality. The proper saddle can influence the health of both the horse and rider. Here are some important features of this saddle:
The 17” Cordura tree features a rounded skirt made of Cordura nylon. Its latigo and billet straps are new and are reinforced. The seat is 16″ wide and has a padded seat. The stirrups are leather and include a laced foot pad. The rigging is 7/8 position. The saddle is available with either a padded or non-padded seat.
Another feature of the Cordura Big Horn saddle is its easy cleaning and weight-reduction features. This saddle’s stirrups are easy to turn and lift, even for those with arthritis. Besides these benefits, it is also lightweight and easy to move from store to store. Shipping is also an option. And the prices of Cordura Big Horn Saddles vary by size. When shopping, consider comparing the different brands that offer Cordura saddles.
Big Horn Cordura saddles come in a variety of styles. They are ideal for riders of different riding styles and have special features to suit varying horses and rider sizes. The saddles are affordable and lightweight, making them an excellent choice for young riders or people new to horse ownership. It also makes a great gift for a young rider or a beginner. The benefits of Cordura Saddles are endless.

Flex trees Review

The flex tree is another popular option for riding saddles. The name indicates that it flexes with your horse’s back, which frees up its movement. But flex trees aren’t right for every horse. One concern of riders who use flex trees is rider weight. While flex trees have a great deal of flexibility, it’s not for every horse.
Choosing the right flex-tree western saddle depends on your horse’s size. Those with several horses should look into flex-tree saddles. These are lighter and more flexible than traditional western saddles, leading to pain and discomfort for your horse. Instead of using heavy-duty wooden bars, manufacturers now use high-density foam bars with a durable armor coating. Manufacturers say the flexible design allows their saddles to accommodate more horses.
The Big Horn #1685 Gaited Endurance Saddle features a flex tree with a 4″ deep seat. I’ve been riding the saddle for a couple of months but have only ridden it a few times. The saddle’s rigging includes 7/8 conventional double dees and a laced leather foot pad. I’m very impressed with the comfort of the saddle.

Sil-Cush line Review

The Sil-Cush line for the Big Horn saddle is popular for Western riders. This saddle features an ultra-comfortable top grain, perforated padded seat. It comes in three seat sizes: small, medium, and large. Its flexible tree, Full quarter Horse bars, and Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Extra Soft Seat Padding are all key features. Other features include a solid brass gullet.
The Big Horn Excursion saddle offers a combination of endurance and trail features in a single equestrian saddle. It features double rigging, Visco-Elastic Memory Foam seat padding, solid brass hardware, and a traditional western look. Another feature is the padded, removable back crupper dee and Visalia stirrups. These features make this saddle an excellent choice for trail riding.
The Sil-Cush line for Big Horn saddle is ideal for equestrian riders who love long, comfortable rides. The saddle’s deep border tooling allows easy cleaning and has a long string system for attaching accessories. The saddle also features a round-back skirt for short-backed horses. It also features a wide base for a secure fit. The Big Horn Saddle Review is an excellent place to start looking for a new saddle.
The Visalia is available in sixteen and seventeen-inch seats. These saddles feature solid brass hardware and new border trim. They also feature padded stirrups with a six-inch tread width and Sil-Cush padded bar between the skirt liner and the bar. The padded seat bar prevents knee and ankle fatigue. The stirrups are a #2 brown with latigo tie strings. And last but not least, the Trekker saddle is suitable for long, heavy forested riding.

Three-way rigging Review

If you’re looking for a high-quality saddle, you’ve come to the right place. The three-way rigging on My Big Horn Saddle is comfortable and effective. The three positions in the saddle allow for full, 3/4, and half positions. The three-way rigging on My Big Horn Saddle makes adjusting the cinch strap simple and hassle-free. The saddle also comes with a five-year warranty.
Three-way rigging allows you to choose between a full, 7/8, and 3/4 double rig. Centerfire rigging is placed under the midpoint of the saddle, while 7/8ths and 3/4 double rigs are located toward the horn. Each position requires a back cinch, depending on the stability needed. The rear cinch stabilizes the back.
When rigging a saddle, you must know how far the cinch is from the cantle. Ideally, it’s at least three inches from the saddle’s center. But it’s possible to go beyond the traditional position by rigging your saddle with a half-inch or quarter-inch cinch. Depending on the rigging you need, you may also need a three-way plate.
Another great feature of this saddle is the triple-way rigging. It makes it easy to customize the saddle according to your riding horse. The in-skirt rigging allows you to adjust the rigging as needed to meet your horse’s needs. The Double Option Rigging system is excellent for a saddle that fits your budget. When ready to purchase a saddle, visit Amps Tack Shop in Alpharetta, Georgia. He’s a Hodge-dodge-yo-podged store, but it offers excellent prices.