Payment Gateway 101: Learn More About How It Works and Why You Need It

How are their payments earned by your company?
Digital payments are an aspect of our daily lives. Not only through debit or credit cards, we shop online, but also through a number of other means, such as Paypal, mobile banking, and mobile wallets. Paying online is a key feature that is offered by every e-commerce site in the world.

Payment Gateway
The payment gateway mechanism is an simple and quick way to protect your clients’ sensitive card data.
A tunnel connecting your bank account to the server where you need to transfer money is the online payment gateway. A payment gateway is a programme that allows you to use a number of payment methods to make an online purchase, such as net banking, credit card , debit card, wire transfer, or the many digital wallets currently available.

By having secure online purchases, they not only protect e-commerce businesses, but also physical store companies. If you have a payment portal, not only do you cover the business from liabilities, but by accepting all forms of payments, you can also welcome more customers.

Why is it important for your organisation to have one?
The responsibility for the handling of sensitive credit card and banking information shall be passed on to a third party with a higher degree of data security expertise. The third-party firm, and that’s it, specialists in data security. In the other hand, you are fantastic at delivering services, not only ensuring that they are encrypted by the financial processes.

In order to secure sensitive data, payment gateways use advanced data encryption. This protects both you from fraud and your customers.

And if you’re a service provider, that doesn’t mean that you have to limit your customer base to locals. A payment gateway will allow you to accept online payments from all over the globe, if you can provide virtual services.

Instead of manual sorting, payment gateways can pass payments to the account. And since even if your customers are not at your place, you can accept payments, you no longer rely on customers to send you a check or to come to your place to pay a bill. To receive nearly due funds, you can cover payments over the phone, allow purchases on your website, or send a secure link message.

How It Works
The process for the payment gateway is fairly simple, particularly if you invest in the right software or framework. The steps of the entire procedure are given below:

Step 1: The user buys his order and then clicks on the website’s Send or Checkout button or a similar key.

Phase 2: Using an Internet browser, the information is encrypted. Using Secure Socket Layer encryption, customer information is safely forwarded from your browser or yours to the web server of the purchaser.

Step 3: Transaction information is transferred to the payment gateway by the seller. SSL encryption provides this, too.

Step 4: When this happens, the customer will be directed to the payment portal by the website or e-commerce website where he enters all the necessary information about the transaction or the card they will use to pay. The payment gateway then takes the user directly to the issuing bank connexion, asking for approval of the transaction.

Step 5: The bank can then verify if the customer has sufficient balance in the account to decide whether or not the transfer of funds is a success after the payment gateway has been authorised for the transaction.

Step 6: The payment gateway directly passes a message to the dealer. If the bank ‘s answer is ‘No,’ the dealer sends the customer an error note, informing them about the card or bank balance problem. If the reply is ‘Yes’ from the database of the bank, the dealer will request a bank transaction.

Step 7: Via the payment gateway, the bank deposits the money, and then transfers the money to the seller.

The customer will receive a note of the order being put when this procedure is completed.

Is It Secure To Use?
Its high degree of confidentiality is one of the key benefits of using payment gateways. These gateways must also meet these qualifications; once they have been approved, the service provider can not communicate with payment processors. As a dealer using the company’s gateway, you would also be shielded from any responsibilities or illegal transactions.

The payment portal’s most critical function is that it allows millions of users to use it at the same time , allowing you to purchase or sell goods and services anywhere you want. It could make your company bloom by getting the best payment gateway.

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