Emotional Freedom Technique

Personality of your EFT practitioner for more customers

Being an EFT Practitioner is particularly challenging because EFT is not mainstream and therefore not yet widely known or searched. For example, there is no section for EFT Practitioner in the mainstream online business directories. So you need to even more cleverly know and sell to your market than, say, a massage therapist.
What is the personality of your EFT practitioner? Is it quiet? Is this a feisty thing? Is it aroused? Is that honest? Is that diplomatic? Is it very careful? Isn’t that absurd?

These are just a couple of ideas to make you think. What question would you answer “yes” to above more likely? And remember when using EFT services, whether it’s your EFT training courses or the sessions of an EFT practitioner. What attracted you to that particular person, what did they say, or did they win over you? Take note of these responses, as they are qualities that are important to you. They are also qualities that are important for your special niche market. We’re buying people. We have been taught in my sales training in a previous role that people buy mainly for emotional reasons. So you are emotionally appealing to your potential customers.

If you were able to observe 3 of your main qualities and 3 of your business ‘ main qualities in 3 qualities, what would they be? Say it out loud, choose the main 3, and write it down.
Ask friends and customers how 3 qualities would describe you. And ask them to use 3 qualities to describe your business. How do you match these qualities with those you’ve created for yourself? The real you are somewhere between the two points of view (you and others). The real thing you’re running your business and is your business ‘ public face.

How do you feel to be the one you came up with compared to the one you did by others? What changes to your marketing materials can you make to show more of the real you? There’s any resistance as you think you’re making these changes? If it is, it can be tapped.

Next comes the actual work for this niche market to get you out there. For example, you can make paid advertising. You can go to networking events. You can get in touch with local companies and let them know how to help them. You can invest and follow the advice to the letter in marketing training. Or anything that’s right for your personality, as long as steady work involves getting you where you want to be.

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