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Set up the Windows 10 Picture Screensaver Slideshow

Build your own Windows image slideshow for your own screensaver
There’s been a fascination with using a screensaver since people started using Microsoft Windows to customize your machine and give you something to look at while you’re away from your desk. You’ve been stuck back in the old days with just the built-in screensaver or downloading any third-party screensaver software you’ve been able to find.

Then as Windows advanced screensavers became more flexible and you could not use your own images as your screensaver just as you could for your history. Finally, you were able to create a screensaver slideshow to make your screensaver look a little more fun through all your images.

They changed the way you customize the screensaver slideshow when Windows 10 came along and it takes another step or two to get to the settings, but setting up and customizing is still very straightforward.

The first thing you need to do is get to your configuration settings, and you can do this by right-clicking a blank spot on your screen and selecting Customize or going to your Windows 10 settings and finding the tab on Personalization. From there you want to click on the left Lock screen that isn’t too intuitive, but that’s how you do it. Click on the Screen saver settings at the bottom of the screen and you’ll get to a familiar interface.

Set up the Windows 10 Picture Screensaver Slideshow

Once you’re here, switch the dropdown form of the screen saver to Photos and choose when to turn in the screen saver. Keep in mind that you don’t touch the mouse or keyboard for X amount of minutes. If you want to make it where you put your password when you return to your machine, you can also check the box which says On resume, show the logon screen. If you want to turn your machine on and don’t have to worry about getting on with it by others, this is convenient. Just keep in mind that it will be accessible until the screensaver kicks in once you’re gone, so if you’re looking to make things safer, you might want to set the time low.

Set up the Windows 10 Picture Screensaver Slideshow

Click the Settings button to configure the images used in the slideshow of your screensaver. Then browse to the folder containing the images you’d like to use. One thing to note is that it’s going to use all the photos in that directory so make sure they’re the ones you don’t mind seeing other people. It defaults to your Pictures folder, but you can create a new folder, copy the pictures you want to use, and then browse the new folder to get Windows to use only the pictures you want.

Then you can choose the speed of the slideshow and your options are slow, moderate and quick, with about 10 seconds slow, about 5 seconds medium and about 3 seconds fast between images. If you check the box of Shuffle pictures then each time the pictures are displayed in a random order instead of the same order.

Set up the Windows 10 Picture Screensaver SlideshowSet up the Windows 10 Picture Screensaver Slideshow

Simply click Save and then Ok on the previous screen once you select the folder that your pictures are in and set your speed and shuffle options and you’re all ready to go with your screensaver slideshow.


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