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How to Show or Hide Folders and Apps in the Start Menu on Windows 10

When you press the Start button in Windows 10, the interface is divided into three distinct parts: the tiny buttons on the left side, the center list of applications and programs, and the static or dynamic tiles on the right side.

You can customize quite a few things about the Start menu’s look and feel, including the list of folders or links that appear in the left menu. You will see products such as Settings, Power, Network, Downloads, etc. by default.

In this paper, I will demonstrate you how the icons appearing in the Start menu can be customized. If you are looking for a manner to conceal or remove Windows Start Menu applications that appear in the list of all programs, scroll down to the “Remove Apps from Start Menu” section.

Show/Hide Folders in Start Menu

Go ahead and press Start and then Settings, which is the equipment icon, to get began.
Next, click Customization.

Next, click Start in the menu on the left, then you will see all the options to customize the Start menu.

Just to mention a few stuff while we’re here, if you switch off the Show App list in the Start menu option, it will remove the center section we’ve discussed above (the list of programs and applications)

Apps lately introduced will display you any programs you’ve previously installed at the top of the list. To display the most common applications, it lists your most popular applications right below the new applications.

If you want to conceal newly opened documents from the right-click menu on the icons of the taskbar, you should be sure to switch off the newly opened products in the Start Jump Lists or the option of the taskbar.

Finally, it’s what we’re looking for at the bottom. Click the Choose folders that appear on the Start link. Microsoft likes to name folders for these products, but it seems more reasonable for me to have connections or shortcuts.

Here you can switch a list of predefined folders / links that will appear on Start to or from. In the Start menu, for instance, if I toggle everything on, you will see my list becoming quite long.

It’s all there’s to it. If you were looking for apps from the Start Menu to be added or removed instead of those icons, you should try something else.

Remove Apps from Start Menu

To remove an app from the Start menu list of applications without uninstalling the program, just right-click it, select More and then select Open File Location.

This will take you to the Windows system directory for Start Menu Programs. Here you’ll see a list of all the folders and shortcuts in the Start Menu itself.

To remove an item from the list, simply remove it. Here you can also generate your own folders and add your own connections or shortcuts. If you want to add a shortcut, by right-clicking on a file, generate one on the desktop and choose Send To–Desktop (create shortcut).

Drag that shortcut to this folder and it will appear in the Start Menu! Neither should you have issues adding or deleting items from this directory.


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