Uninstall Unwanted Windows Apps

Get Rid Of Those Unwanted Windows Apps

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the concept of applications that can be used on Windows PC and tablet. They are different from programs exclusively for Windows PCs and are also known as “desktop apps.” It will take up hard drive space on your computer, which is a valuable resource for many people, no matter what type of app it is.

Once you bought your new PC or even your smartphone, you might have found that it will come with a bunch of installed software that you never needed first. This is known as “bloatware” and it’s not even possible to remove it sometimes! Okay, it turns out that Microsoft has done the same with Windows and installed their own collection of software that they presume we’re going to use and also think we’ve got the extra disk space. Once you press the Start button, you can see these installed apps.

Microsoft also puts applications that aren’t really built on our machines and are more like advertisements and put there because they want you to download them. Such pre-installed applications are called Promoted Applications, which will vary depending on your Windows setup. There are a couple of methods you can use to get rid of them if you don’t want to see these Promoted Apps on your Start menu. You can go to the Windows settings first, press Customization and then Start at the left of the screen. Check the section from there that sometimes says Show suggestions in Start and slide it off.

If that doesn’t work and you have a Windows version like Professional or Enterprise (not Home) you can go to the policy editor of the local group and try another form. By typing gpedit.msc from the search box or Cortana, you can open the group policy editor. From there, navigate to Computer Setup> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Cloud Content, then double-click the right pane to turn off Microsoft’s consumer experience. Then set it to Activate and press OK.

Now that we’ve fixed the issue with Promoted Apps, let’s move on to how to uninstall the other apps on your device that you or Microsoft have placed. Uninstalling apps is very close to uninstalling standard programs as you would from Control Panel’s programs and functions. Go to your Windows settings and then open Apps to get to the uninstall app itself and you’ll see a list of your installed apps and your installed programs.

Click the device you want to uninstall from here and then click the Uninstall button. If the moving button is not greyed out, you will have the option to move the app to another drive installed on your computer. To the right of the app, you’ll see how much space it takes on your computer so you’ll know how much space you’ll get back on your hard drive. Many apps are lightweight, while others such as games can take up much more space.


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