What Horse Should Riding Clothing Do

What Horse Should Riding Clothing Do

What Should Horse Riding Clothing Do? There are many factors to consider when selecting riding gear. Below we look at the functions of each type of horse riding clothing. These include comfort, ventilation, and grip. These factors are extremely important when choosing riding clothing. It would help if you never sacrificed comfort for functionality, however. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of riding trousers, many different styles and options are available. Review product reviews to ensure the right item is purchased for you.


While you may be looking for comfortable horse riding clothes, the right undergarments can be equally important. For one thing, you should never wear your ordinary sports undergarments when you ride. Rather, buy riding undergarments made of breathable cotton and microfiber. These materials help you stay cool and dry and minimize seams. Also, a high-quality riding helmet is an essential horseback riding gear. If you ride a lot, it’s worth investing in a good riding helmet. Quality riding gear will keep you cooler and more comfortable for many rides.

In the summer, choose comfortable riding clothes made of natural fibers. Synthetic fabrics tend to hold sweat and may leave you chafing. A breathable riding shirt will draw sweat away from your body and disperse it through the fabric. Likewise, a pair of lightweight socks will keep your feet cool and prevent chafing. Consider wearing general sportswear if you don’t have any of these items. A comfortable sports bra may be a good option if you don’t want to buy a specialized riding shirt.

As for underwear, you should wear comfortable pants while riding. Avoid riding in shorts or bathing suits, as they may chafe and make your saddle hot. Likewise, long pants or leggings will help protect your skin while riding. If you don’t want to spend much money, try Underarmour compression shorts. They are lightweight, wicking, and quick drying. The waistband is wide and comfortable, and they also contain anti-odor technology. Maidenform also produces similar boyshorts.

While choosing comfortable horse riding clothes for women is important, a good pair of jodhpurs can also protect your legs. They are similar to thick leggings but made of stronger materials. Their form-fitting shape increases safety. Most jodhpurs are made of two-way stretch fabric, but some are reinforced with leather patches at the seat and knee area. If you ride a lot in cold weather, you might want to consider a pair of jodhpurs.


A good piece of equestrian clothing will protect you from the elements without compromising your looks. Show coats, for example, must be worn for competitions. These coats are available in different colors to suit various riding styles. Aside from aesthetics, equestrian clothing is also designed to be comfortable and functional. However, this is not to say that all horseriding gear is equally functional.

Ventilation Clothing

Proper ventilation means two things: air exchange and distribution. Without either of these processes, you will not achieve optimum ventilation. To get the right balance of airflow in your stable, you must consider both processes. To calculate the ventilation rate, first, measure the air velocity through an anemometer, then divide the speed by the square footage of the stable. Then, multiply that figure by the open area of the stable to get the air change per hour.

When choosing horse riding clothing, consider what season you ride in. Summers are generally warm, so keep the barn door open to let cool air in. Winter ventilation focuses on controlling moisture from horse respiration and other stable activities. A moisture buildup can cause odors, increased ammonia levels, and pathogen viability. All of these can lead to respiratory infections. If the airflow is inadequate, you could find yourself sweating excessively.

Air changes per hour are a great way to keep your horse cool. Ideally, your horse’s stall should have at least four to eight air changes per hour. However, the number of air changes will vary depending on the application. For example, the riding clothing you wear in a barn will need more ventilation than a riding jacket. Using Aerotech allows the flow of air in your stall to reach optimal levels.

Proper ventilation in a barn depends on the temperature outside and the weather. Horses require fresh air and a stable with good ventilation is crucial for your animal’s health. While most horse stables are constructed to be well-ventilated, they often do not have adequate ventilation. This makes ventilation in a horse stall very difficult to control and often causes respiratory problems and measurable performance reductions. While this problem is easily fixed, many horse owners are still unaware of the benefits of proper ventilation.

In addition to improving ventilation, stables with open stall partitions have the added benefit of being social. Because horses can see each other, they are less likely to develop bad habits. In addition, open stalls tend to have lower ventilation needs than solid-walled stalls. You can also use venting in horse riding clothing, but you must pay close attention to how your equipment is ventilated.

Adding grip Clothing

The most common way to add grip to horse riding clothing is to include silicone grips on the saddle. This type of grip has several benefits: excellent adhesion, breathability, and a perfect fit to the rider’s body. The silicone grips are ideal for both knee and full grips. But how do you choose which kind of grip to use? Luckily, there are many options. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options.

The simplest type of grip is material. This type of grip is created by sewing on the second layer of material in the correct places. This type of grip is not as effective as other grips, but some riders value it for its cheap price. It will also help extend the life of equestrian breeches. However, it won’t give the rider better stability in the saddle. If you’re concerned about chafing, you can choose a leather type.

Another type of grip is a silicone coating that you can apply to your saddle flaps. The silicone coating has a grippy effect and is comfortable to wear. Some riders even let the wax build-up on their saddle flaps. But be sure to clean the saddle flaps after each use. Sporty Spray can leave a residue and make the leather more slippery than before. This material is also not waterproof. Therefore, make sure to dry your horse’s saddle before applying any grip to it.